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Thank you for sending the samples, we fell in love with nooj immediately!

The Joshi Brothers

We LOVE nooj in our house - it goes into our daily smoothies, and into anything else that would benefit from its creaminess, gorgeous taste (both cashew and almond are delicious, almost spoon-straight-in-mouth-worthy) and protein element. Just wish it had been dreamt up when we had toddlers, none of whom particularly wanted to eat and it would have been an ideal way of sneaking in some much-needed non-dairy protein and good stuff. I plan to experiment much more with it as it's become a fridge essential in our house. Thanks nooj!

Carla Blake (customer)

I’ve made so many things and I’m obsessed! I made milk, added to protein porridge, smoothies, checked out your insta and gave the Thai curry a go too, it’s so easy.

Alex Brown @vitalivingmcr

I have completely stopped buying other plant milks.

Micheal Mac Curtain

So simple to use and very delicious!


Yes, love this fantastic versatile product. Just what we have been waiting for. A delicious dairy substitute particularly delicious in porridge and muesli. Could not recommend it more.

David Eaglesfield (customer)

A totally unique product which is useful for so many types of meals. Sweet, savoury, breakfast, I've used it for all of them. It really helps me with making dairy-free food for my daughter.

Sarah Kinloch (customer)

This is such a versatile product. I love it in porridge as a creamy milk substitute. I've also used it: to bake with; to make a dairy-free frosting for cakes; to make a parfait; to thicken curries; to make into cream to swirl on soup; with tahini as a dip and recently with mushrooms and marmite as a pasta sauce. Your cooking suggestions are great. It’ll be fantastic for vegans and people on dairy-free diets when nooj is more readily available in the shops.

Becky Mears (customer)

This is what I have been waiting for my whole life! Having been dairy-free since early childhood I have tried every milk alternative out there but this is a game changer! It is so versatile, it is my milk, cream, I add it to sauces, tray bakes, cookies, all in such a convenient little pouch.

Thank you so much for creating this fantastic product, just wish you had done it 25 years ago!!!

Heidi Marfitt (photographer)

Nooj is a simple yet tasty alternative to dairy. It is so versatile. I love it in my porridge and use it as a base to my savoury sauces (curries, pasta sauce etc). I'm looking forward to baking with it next!

Emma Davis (customer)

Having suffered with several food intolerances including dairy for the last 27 years, nooj has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve enjoyed this as a milk, in porridge, rice pudding, smoothies etc, but I also use this a lot in my baking. It creates beautifully light and smooth cakes, biscuits and cheesecakes. My favourite recipe is still the Spinach Filo pie, which I make in a cake tin, so big enough for all the family. I also follow a predominantly vegan, low carb diet and almond nooj is perfect for this. It has been such a boost to our meal and dessert options and the compact packaging means there’s still plenty of room in the fridge.

Emma Wood (customer)

This is an amazing product! I use it when I have plain porridge instead of milk, put in a teaspoon then add water and it's a tasty porridge  also a thickening agent in curry. Yum.

Caroline Windsor (customer)

I tried the almond paste this morning in my porridge - and it completely changed it, for the better! Fantastic product and I’m extremely excited to try some in a curry tonight.

Sian Laura Campbell (customer)

Used a spoonful of almond in some red lentil dahl last night, went beautifully creamy and extra nice. Porridge this morning I added a spoonful of the almond and date, deliciously creamy and rich. Making your rice pudding later today.

Lesley Wright (customer)

Today my lovely daughter who is vegan was back home for the day. For breakfast we had porridge with fruit and a good spoon of the almond nooj (didn’t need to use the almond milk she would normally have on her porridge, just water) and it was delicious. At lunch we had the portobello mushrooms stuffed with the cashew nooj, garlic, finely chopped spring onions and parsley with mashed potato and salad – it was absolutely gorgeous. Made lovely food very easy . Thank you nooj.

Sandra Tracey Waite (customer)

Such an incredibly innovative idea! I met the family at the North Yorkshire Vegan Festival, and bought the cashew and almond paste. Cashew and vanilla has made the creamiest porridge I have ever eaten! Plan to use the others for baking so we will see how that goes, but lovely family and lovely product!.

Emily Greenman (customer)