Our story

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. So when we couldn’t find a good cow’s milk alternative, we took matters into our own hands and created our own…

no blenders. fork-friendly

A real alternative to the alternatives

I was brought up on a dairy farm where my siblings and I enjoyed whole, unpasteurised milk every day. Fast forward a few years and we’ve all ditched the dairy for various reasons – from our health to the environment. Many others are making the same choices too. But dairy products are delicious and natural: milk, cream, yoghurt, butter, cheese. What is a food lover to do?


We looked far and wide for a good cows’ milk alternative – but nothing could compete on flavour. And when you think that many plant milks contain over 95% water, it just didn’t seem like good value for money either. So we took matters into our own hands, and we began to create our own.


But even our homemade almond milk was taking up too much space in the fridge door. So, bit by bit we shrank it. We got nerdy and created a thicker, creamier and more intense almond paste, which meant better taste, less waste and less room needed in that fridge.


Not only was it a wholesome base for a lip-smacking nut milk, but also a clever cooking paste with endless possibilities. It became such a culinary staple in our kitchen that we knew we had to share it.


And so nooj was born – a real alternative to the alternatives.

no blenders. fork-friendly
photo of water being poured into a jug
Nooj keeps it simple – there's no need for a blender, just mix with a fork
photo of pie made with nooj
Totally noojed for an easy and exciting dairy-free life
Totally noojed for an easy and exciting dairy-free life
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Did you know that most plant milks are 95% water? That’s a lot of water being flown all over the place (when we have it free in our taps). Just think of the emissions – not to mention all the packaging it needs.


So nooj concentrates on the nutty stuff, and lets you add the water. With more servings per pouch (and so many uses for it) you’re reducing waste and emissions in a big way. Plus our packs and lids are totally recyclable – drop them at stores that can recycle soft plastics (most major supermarkets).

graphic cashew and almond nuts together on a red dot


Here at nooj HQ we reckon dairy-free has to taste as good or better than actual dairy. Our pastes are so notoriously nutty they can’t help but be delicious. Choose between cashew nooj or almond nooj depending on which taste you can’t get enough of – and of course what you’re noojing up that day.


graphic values icon versatility

The joy of nooj is you can get creative with it – drink it, bake it, cook it or shake it. It does what it says on the pack.

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Easy to use
Keeping it simple is so important. We’re busy too and don’t have time to get the blender out – just mix it with a fork.

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We’re proudly at the forefront of new dairy alternatives – leading the charge and squaring up to the big guys. Change is coming, so bring it on!

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Low emissions
Transporting loadsa emission-heavy water around? No thanks. Our planet-friendly paste is all about the nuts, so you add the water. And nooj packs and lids are recyclable too.

graphic values icon deliciousness

Above all else we are foodies first. So we’ve made nooj so nutty it can’t help but be delicious, whether you keep it simple or nooj up something special.